Development Impact Calculation Software

If your area is growing, one of two things is happening:

  • The growth of infrastructure is paid for by development through the use of well-crafted and current Development Impact Fees, OR

  • There are no well-crafted and current Development Imapct Fees in place, which means the growth of infrastructure is paid for by current residents.

If you are in the second group then you need well-crafted and current Development Imapct Fees as soon as possible.

In the past you would have had to pay a consultant to come in and calculate these Development Impacts for you. But with the GSS Development Impact Software you can calculate these impacts yourself.

Watch the brief video below to get an overview of the software:

There are Three Versions of the Software:

Basic Version

Designed for the small agency with uncomplicated needs. Capital Projects are entered as summary information and the calculations are based on only one area which is normally the whole agency.

Standard Version

Designed for the typical agency. Includes all of the features of the "Lite" version plus Capital Project information is entered in detail and the agency can compare calculated fees for new development with the capital paid by existing development for the existing infrastructure.

Premium Version

Designed for the complicated agency. Includes all of the features of the "Standard" version plus the agency can be divided into subareas and can itemize the existing infrastructure contributions by existing development.

Features of each Version

Select from Nine Typical Pre-Installed Hard Infrastructure Types
In Addition to the Above, Add Unlimited Hard Infrastructure Types
Select from Five Pre-Installed Quality of Life Infrastructure Types
Change the Description of the Infrastructure Type for Compliance with Local Laws
Enter/Edit Capital Project Title and Cost
In Addition to the Above, Enter/Edit Project Textual Detail and Unlimited Cost Detail
Link Capital Projects to Appropriate Infrastructure Types
Distribute Requirement for Capital Projects between New Development and Existing Community
Print Master Facilities Plan (MFP)
MFP includes Above, plus Ability to Distribute Project Cost to Unlimited Agency Subareas
Calculate Impact Costs for both Basic Infrastructure and Quality of Life Infrastructure
Enter/Edit Total Current Infrastucture Value by Infrastucture Type
Enter/Edit Detailed Current Infrastucture Value by Infrastructure Type
Enter/Edit Development Impact Land Use Categories 7 15 unlimited
Enter/Edit Land Use Database as Development Occurs
Enter/Edit Land Use Database in Agency Subareas
Enter/Edit Current Demand for Infrastructure Types
Advanced Demand Models Available for Public Safety & Circulation Infrastructure Types
Calculate Development Impact Costs for Hard Infrastructure and Quality of Life Infrastructure
Calculate Hard Infrastructure Development Impact Costs for Unlimited Agency Subareas
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Phone Support
INITIAL YEAR PRICE $4,500 $8,000 $17,500
UPDATE MAINTENANCE PRICE $2,000 $3,500 $7,500

If you would like more information about the software or a more detailed demonstration
contact Scott Thorpe at (714) 992-9026 or

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